Think Realty’s Affiliate Program is great for anyone serving the real estate investment community.

Want to Grow Your Organization?

Become a Think Realty Affiliate

When you join Think Realty as an affiliate, you’re able to give your customers free benefits at major suppliers, while earning a revenue share on their spending at some of those suppliers.

All your members are looking for new ways to help cut costs and save money on every deal. Imagine giving them a great benefits program without the hassle of finding and negotiating individual contracts with each individual vendor.

Think Realty has the answer for you and has already negotiated those contracts on your behalf. With Think Realty’s Affiliate program, you can offer all the benefits and discounts to your members at no cost to them!

Here are a few perks for your organization:

  • Offer Value to your Customers
  • Extend Your Brand’s Influence
  • Receive Revenue Share on Supplier Spend
  • Receive Recurring Revenue on Every Paid Think Realty Membership

The Think Realty Affiliate Program is perfect for associations, REIAs, educators, or anyone working with real estate investors.

What is Think Realty Benefits?

Think Realty Benefits is a benefits program allowing members access to discounts they can’t get on their own. When they register, they can save more when they shop directly with Think Realty’s national suppliers.

How much can my organization earn?

You earn .5% on all customer spending at Think Realty’s featured suppliers. If you have one large spender in your group, that could mean $1,500 in revenue share from that one customer!

How much does it cost to be a Think Realty Affiliate?

$199 per year. This annual affiliate membership allows you to participate in the revenue share program on supplier spending, earn recurring revenue from paid Think Realty memberships and offer the paid Think Realty membership tier at a discount to your customers.