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$199.00 per Year

‘We were recently searching for ways to grow our RE/A membership and provide our current members more benefits. Think Realty was the answer!’

- George, Savannah, GA

What suppliers do I earn a revenue share on?

You earn ½ percent on all spend at Sherwin-Williams Paint, Sunbelt Rentals and Barnett.

How does the revenue share on paid Think Realty Accounts work?

All of your members can join with a free Think Realty account. They can also upgrade to a paid Premium account at a 10% discount through your organization. You earn $1 per month per paid Think Realty account.

When is revenue share paid?

Revenue share on paid Think Realty accounts is paid quarterly in the month following the quarter. Revenue share on supplier spend in a calendar year is paid annually at the end of the first quarter following the calendar year.

Will Think Realty's paid Premium account interfere with my other opportunities?

No, Think Realty’s paid Premium account offers access to publications and events that complement - not replace - other more in-depth educational opportunities.